a self-guided, interactive exhibit at AbelCine recognizing the people and technology that laid the groundwork for modern cinema. 


The Makers

Get to know the dreamers, the craftsmen and the characters that shaped early cinema, including film's earliest pioneers such as the Lumière bothers, Georges Demeny, and WKL Dickson. 

Demeny 1.jpeg

The Innovation

Explore over twenty of the most significant pieces from the Malkames Collection and other sources, carefully curated for their innovation and historical importance to the advancement of the craft.


The History

So how and when did moving images actually become cinema? Learn the stories behind the technology, the patents, the projects, and other intrigue that helped shape cinema into an art form.


Join Us

We need your to help make this vision a reality. Learn about the exhibit we’re planning and how you can support us.

Explore the Collection

The Malkames Collection includes some of the most historically significant cameras and artifacts from early cinema. Learn about the history of this unique collection and its treasures.

Learn About the Exhibit

The completed exhibit will include period artwork, items on loan from prestigious, international collections, multimedia displays, and a self-guided audio tour to bring it all to life.

Get Involved

If you love cinema and believe its legacy should be preserved to inspire todays content creators, please consider supporting us with a charitable donation.