a self-guided, interactive exhibit at AbelCine
recognizing the people and technology that
laid the groundwork for modern cinema.



The Makers

Get to know the dreamers, the craftsman
and the characters that shaped early cinema,
including film's earliest pioneers such as
the Lumiere bothers, Georges Demeny, and WKL Dickson. 


Demeny 1.jpeg

The Innovation

Explore over twenty of the most significant pieces from the Malkames Collection and other sources, carefully curated for their innovation and historical importance to the advancement of the craft.


The History

So how and when did moving images
actually become cinema? Learn the
stories behind the technology, the patents,
the projects, and other intrigue that helped shape cinema into an art form.


the unique components of the exhibit will make
The First CineMakers an experience like no other


The Malkames Collection

Carefully curated cameras, tripods, lenses, and related devices from the seminal days of cinema, selected for their historic relevance, and designed to inspire and inform. All collection pieces are in pristine and working condition.


Period Curiosities

Pieces additional to cameras include projection devices, printers, posters and photos relating to the era and specifically to the collection.


Historical Reference Documents

Materials include manuals, technical artifacts and historic documents relating to the era and collection.


Additional pieces on loan

In order to create as complete an account of the period as possible, we plan to work with the French Cinémathèque in Paris, as well as private collectors, to include additional pieces of historical or inspirational significance.



It is our aim to utilize stills, video, interviews and audio to create the narrative around each exhibit that best describes the significance and essence behind each display.


Self-Guided Audio / Visual TouR

The self guided tour will include a mobile audio / video app component, walking attendees through all significant pieces, utilizing the Google Beacon platform or equivalent technology.