The First CineMakers Exhibit

The First CineMakers is being built as a permanent exhibit within the Learning Point at AbelCine’s flagship New York location. AbelCine Learning Points (also found in Chicago and Los Angeles) provide ongoing, hands-on technical training to production professionals and aspiring creatives.


In this flexible space, technology, craft, and education come together – the ideal environment for content creators of all levels, including institutions, film schools and media organizations, to appreciate the elements of The First CineMakers exhibit.



AbelCine is a leading provider of products and services to the production, broadcast and media industries. They are dedicated to helping make technology easier for productions and content creators to understand, access and employ, and they have a strong commitment to sharing knowledge and building community. 


Industry City

Industry City is a vibrant five-acre campus that is home to over 400 companies across media, tech, design, fashion, art and manufacturing. The campus also includes food courts, meeting places, galleries and common use spaces designed to bring community together.