Rick Malkames

The curator of the Malkames Collection, Rick Malkames, carries on the tradition of maintaining his grandfather, Don Malkames’, and father, Karl Malkames’, motion picture camera collection and preserving their history. Rick is a third-generation cinematographer, an IATSE and SMPTE member and Emmy Award recipient.


Pete Abel

Pete Abel is the co-founder of AbelCine and an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers. For over 26 years, AbelCine has been an industry leading provider of technology and services to professional content creators at all levels of the production, broadcast and digital media markets.


Rich Abel

Rich Abel is the co-founder of AbelCine and an Associate Member of the ASC. Over the years, Rich designed and built AbelCine’s Los Angeles and Chicago locations and in the Fall of 2017, he completed AbelCine’s new Brooklyn flagship and future home of The First CineMakers exhibit. 


Liz McGill

Liz McGill is the long time Art Director at AbelCine. She is also the lead visual designer of AbelCine’s Brooklyn flagship, which was completed in the Fall of 2017 and will be home to The First CineMakers exhibit.


Jon Fauer

Jon Fauer is the publisher and editor of Film and Digital Times, and the author of twelve best-selling books on cinematography and digital imaging. He is an award-winning cinematographer and a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Directors Guild of America, ICG, and The Explorers Club.


Sally Roy

Sally Roy is an award-winning news and public affairs television producer since 2001 and was Executive Producer of Moyers & Company and Bill Moyers Journal. Before this, Sally spent a decade working on feature films including EndurancePipe Dream, Ed’s Next MoveThe Kid Stays in the Picture and The Producers.